Career Peer Spotlight: Kamraan Moore, Sport Management ’22

Q: Why did you apply to become a Chase Career Peer?

A: Although professional development has always been something I take great pride in, I was encouraged to apply after completion of the ISOM-200 Career & Personal Development seminar. Our Assistant Dean, Holly Lawrence instilled confidence in me that I would serve as a great addition to the Career Peer Team. I was eager to polish my professionalism and enrich myself on how Chase Career Center supports undergraduate students and the virtual resources provided during the 2020-2021 academic year. Most importantly, I am thankful that I am able to bring diversity to the Career Peer program and do what I can to uplift the several affinity groups that are a part of our Isenberg community!

Q: What have you enjoyed most about serving as a Chase Career Peer?

A: I have really appreciated the culture we have formed with our Career Peer team in our virtual office. It has allowed me to stay connected with the Isenberg community. With UMass remaining fully-remote last year I had a difficult time having limited interaction with students at UMass. Not only have we utilized our virtual resources to help empower students in their personal development but we have taken advantage of the time we have to hold intimate conversations. As a department we have enriched ourselves with habits that promote Isenberg’s campaign for Diversity Equity & Inclusion. I am honored to be a member of our department and am eager to return to campus and build relationships in our office.

Q: How do you think your experience as a Chase Career Peer will benefit you professionally?

A: My experience as a Chase Career Peer is a great opportunity to immerse myself in a professional office setting. At first it felt uncomfortable that everyone else on our team had various experiences in career development. Now returning as a Senior peer I have grown comfortable in our space to not only provide peer advice to students but continue to learn from coaches how I can continue to improve my craft. It is important to me to familiarize myself with all the resources Chase provides to students and alumni so that I can share them with my colleagues.

Q: In addition to serving as a Career Peer, what other activities are you involved in here at Isenberg/UMass?

A: I am a member of two of our diversity-based student organizations: Association of Diversity in Sport(ADS) and Advancement of Diversity in Business (ADB). I like to stay involved even if it means participating virtually. These clubs have allowed me to surround myself with like-minded individuals with a strong drive for career success. Next year I will serve as Co-President of ADB. I look forward to meeting new students from underrepresented backgrounds and inspiring our members to achieve excellence as students and young professionals. Outside of Isenberg, I look forward to attending campus events this fall. Some of my favorites include UMass Hockey games, Homecoming Tailgate, Kickbacks @ Southwest, AfroBall, and SoulFest.

Q: What is your top networking tip for current Isenberg students?

A: Try to schedule informational meetings with alumni working in your industry. What makes the Isenberg community outstanding is how gracious our alumni are to spend time with students who want to learn. Many young professionals I have met have stood in my shoes as a student not too long ago. It’s always great to meet people who want to guide you towards career success.

Q: What are your plans for this summer? What are your career goals beyond graduation?

A: This July I will intern with Creative Arts Agency in their basketball division. I am looking forward to the opportunity to network and work with one of the biggest competitors in the sport agency space. My career goals include: mastering my portfolio in digital marketing, certifying myself in data analytics, and perfecting my skills in sales. I have faith that I will be blessed with a job opportunity that not only allows me to polish my craft, but continue to grow the game of sport and expand the industry.

Q: What piece of advice would you offer current Sport Management majors to help them make the most of their time at Isenberg?

A: Pursue networking and internships!! The McCormack Department of Sport Management cannot stress enough how important it is to look for opportunities to speak & learn from industry professionals. Internships are not only important for obtaining experience in areas of business that are of strong interest; but they also reveal to students what type of work they may not want to pursue as a career.

Q: What specific career advice would you share with other members of the BIPOC community here at Isenberg?

A: Make sure to network with as many students of color as you meet. I do feel this is a habit all members of affinity groups should practice as students. It’s important to connect with like-minded students in order to share knowledge and empower each other. Being able to represent the best version of yourself is the most effective way to create career opportunities.

By Melissa Salva
Melissa Salva Director of Undergraduate Career Services