Student Spotlight: Melissa Cai, Management ’22

Q: Outside of classes, what clubs/activities are you involved in here at Isenberg/UMass?

A: At Isenberg, I am a member of Women in Business and was part of the marketing committee my sophomore year. Outside of Isenberg, I am a sister of Kappa Phi Lambda, which is a multicultural Asian-interest sorority that is grounded on sisterhood, service, and cultural diversity!

Q: What is your favorite Isenberg memory thus far?

A: My favorite Isenberg memory thus far would have to be seeing the new Isenberg Business Innovation Hub come to life. I had the pleasure of coming onto campus my freshman year and seeing it nearly completed, and it was really exciting to be one of the first students to be able to utilize the new building when it was finished in 2019.

Q: What are you currently doing this summer?

A: I am currently a store executive intern at Target!

Q: What was your path to finding your summer internship at Target?

A: With the unfortunate and unprecedented circumstances this past year, I think a lot of students (myself included) were really stressed and struggling to find internships, especially in a remote setting. I wanted to utilize every opportunity I had, so I decided to attend Isenberg’s Virtual Career Fair in Fall 2020. It was definitely difficult trying to navigate an online career fair. However, one of the unique aspects that came with the virtual career fair was that you could sign up for one-on-ones to speak to recruiters of companies you may be interested in. Target was one of the companies that stood out to me and since spots filled up fast, I signed up as soon as I could and did some research on the company before I had my one-on-one time with the recruiter. After speaking to the recruiter, I was definitely intrigued by Target’s culture and eventually, I was invited to interview for their intern position.

Q: What do you hope to pursue after graduation? How has the Chase Career Center helped you along the way?

A: After graduation, I hope to pursue a career in Human Resources, where I would get the chance to create a purposeful and positive workplace. The Chase Career Center has really helped me in a lot of ways, especially this past year while we were virtual. They not only helped me develop and write my resume, but also gave me meaningful advice on how to make a great impression at the career fair and at interviews.

Q: How do you think your overall Isenberg experience will benefit you professionally?

A: I think my overall Isenberg experience will benefit me professionally because Isenberg has a lot to offer in terms of helping you grow and develop. There are numerous resources that they offer to students that can really help advance you professionally and by utilizing them, I feel that I have definitely been able to learn and grow.

Q: What is your top networking tip for current students?

My top networking tip is to just get involved and explore. Not only within Isenberg, but also within UMass as a whole. Do not feel pressured to just stick to clubs/activities involved in business, but also outside of that. You will meet so many more different types of people and while they may not be the same major as you, they can offer really valuable insight and help you grow professionally as well. Being involved and joining different things can help you learn more about yourself, and all the new connections and friendships you make can help bring you to that next level in your career, whether that be getting a new job out of it or simply improving your leadership skills.

By Melissa Salva
Melissa Salva Director of Employer Engagement Melissa Salva