Student Spotlight: Rossy Ramirez Warren, Accounting ’22

Q: Outside of classes, what clubs/activities are you involved in here at Isenberg/UMass?

A: Outside of classes I’m involved in the Accounting Society and I’m a BAP candidate looking to become a member next semester. This fall I’ll also enjoy being a PwC ambassador after my internship this summer.

Q: What is your favorite Isenberg memory thus far?

A: I think my favorite Isenberg memory will always be my first semester after transferring. I loved meeting new people, getting to know the amazing professors I had, and using all the resources the school has to offer. It was just a semester so full of possibilities which was exactly what I needed in the middle of the pandemic.

Q: What are you currently doing this summer?

A: I am currently doing an internship with PwC working with their Internal Firm Services.

Q: What was your path to finding your summer internship at PwC?

A: I worked on my resume, LinkedIn profile, and skills I thought I needed to get an internship during the fall semester, and then I signed up for an information session I found on IsenbergWorks in December. After that I received an email from PwC listing the internships I could apply to and I decided to do so during winter break. I got a call after a couple of weeks about an interview and made an appointment with the Chase Career Center so they could review my resume and help me with the interview.

Q: What do you hope to pursue after graduation? How has the Chase Career Center helped you along the way?

A: After graduation, I’d like to work in public accounting, hopefully in the tax line of service, maybe in asset management or private company services. The Chase Career Center has been an invaluable resource for me. They were the ones that guided me in the right direction with suggestions to join clubs, attend resume and LinkedIn workshops, and prep for my interviews.

Q: How do you think your overall Isenberg experience will benefit you professionally?

A: I think my experience at Isenberg will benefit me professionally because the school offers so many resources to have a successful start to a career. There are so many ways to network and attend events with companies you’re interested in, and you can also connect with alumni and current students. Something that has benefited me are the skills I have learned like data analysis and visualization which has been extremely useful during my internship.

Q: What is your top networking tip for current students?

A: My top networking tips for current students are to not be afraid and to start as soon as possible. You can join clubs and start going to events to network with companies. It’s a great way to practice your communication skills and get some practice before you have to go through the interview process. Some companies offer early internships but it’s also good to learn how recruiting works to be prepared – you have nothing to lose!

Q: What special career advice would you offer to fellow transfer students like yourself?

A: My advice is to do your research and plan ahead, learn about your program and what opportunities are available to you as a transfer student because there are plenty. I would also keep an open mind about possible career paths. Sometimes your strengths and interests align more with something you didn’t expect and it’s important to carefully consider the possibilities and examine what you really want and what you see yourself doing in the future.

By Melissa Salva
Melissa Salva Director of Undergraduate Career Services