Sign up for Access Your Potential with PwC

On October 26, 2021, PwC is launching a digital platform that builds on the firm’s Access Your Potential commitment. This is one part of our firm’s commitment to help reach societal equity by providing a clear path to career and economic advancement. Access Your Potential helps support a more equitable future for 25,000 Black and Latinx college students to prepare for and begin an in-demand career. Our goal is to provide students from all backgrounds an equal opportunity to succeed, helping to change students’ trajectories and uplift their communities.

You have the unique opportunity to be the first to participate in this initiative!

By signing up for AYP, you’ll receive access to:
1. Engage through an online platform inspiring career awareness and know-how.
2. Mentorship to support you through mentoring pods, networking and real-life skill application
to boost your success.
3. Upskilling through Access Your Potential’s career readiness and digital skills curriculum via
ProEdge, a PwC product, which will provide access to high-demand digital and career
readiness training and upskilling..
4. Access to a career readiness platform to help launch your future career!

Start your Access Your Potential journey here!

By Melissa Salva
Melissa Salva Director of Undergraduate Career Services