MSA Career & Professional Development Workshops for 2022

MSA students!

Mark your calendars for upcoming Career & Professional Development Workshops that will boost our recruiting savvy! Now is the time to begin to focus on preparation for the Fall 2022 recruiting season. It may seem like a long time in the future – but applications and interviews will be here before you know it!

“If you want a job, all you have to do is follow what your career coach, Kim Figueroa, shares. She has been doing this a long time and knows exactly what you need to prepare for!” Chris G., MSAT 2022

If you are seeking either a Winter 2023 internship – or a full time position starting Fall 2023, then Fall 2022 is your time to recruit.

Not sure what your recruiting time line is? Make an appointment with your academic advisor and with Kim Figueroa, your Career Coach to map your timeline out.

The following workshops are offered in 2022:

2/15: 7pm

The On Campus Recruiting Process: Get insider’s intel on what you need to know about Fall Recruiting!

3/15: 7pm

Resumes for MSA Professionals: There is no need to sweat the resume! Come learn how to spotlight your achievements and skills to attract the opportunities you seek.

3/31: 7pm

The Expert Panel: Recruiting Alum Answer Your Questions!: Get the inside scoop from Fall 2021 applicants about how to have multiple interviews and offers!

4/19: 7pm 

LinkedIn Profiles and Networking Strategies: Developing a professional presence on LinkedIn and building relationships with alumni and recruiters increases opportunities. Learn how to leverage LinkedIn in this session!

6/7: 7pm:   

Job Search Strategies: If you’re searching for and applying for jobs or internships, you can bet there’s a strategy! Be sure you know which one to take for the kinds of opportunities you are seeking!

7/14: 7pm

It’s Yours to Have: Interview Skills That Get Offers: Everyone has unique experiences and stories that highlight key skills employers seek. Knowing how to pare these down into sharp, concise interview answers takes effort. Give yourself the gift of time in this critical interview skill and ensure you’re ready to go by September!

8/23: 7pm

Career Fair Success Strategies: The Accounting Career Fair is one of several “face time” opportunieis you will have as an on-campus applicant! The Career Fair is an important event to attend. It can signal “Yes, I’m here, interested and engaged” to recruiters and firm representatives and can be one more “impression making” opportunities for applicants.  This session will help you be prepared to spend your time productively!

By Kim Figueroa
Kim Figueroa Career Coach