What remote jobs are available for those in food service?

What remote jobs are available for those in food service? was originally published on College Recruiter.

When I think of food service jobs, I think of jobs in restaurants. Some are back-of-house such as cooks and dishwashers. Some are front-of-house, such as waiters and bartenders. But they’re all in person. Or are they?

Are there jobs for people who both want to work in food service and work remotely? We asked 10 hiring experts to share with us some examples of those jobs:

  • Teach Virtual Cooking Classes
  • Become a Food Safety Auditor
  • Craft Digital Food Narratives
  • Host Online Pasta-Making
  • Snap Culinary Photography
  • Engage as a Social Media Specialist
  • Create Digital Food Content
  • Guide Online Culinary Classes
  • Design Menus Remotely
  • Develop Recipes from Home

Teach Virtual Cooking Classes

With over 20 years of executive search experience in the food and beverage industry at Kinsa, I’ve observed a fascinating emergence of roles that cater to this new dynamic. Here are three jobs perfect for remote workers:

1. Virtual Cooking Class Instructor – With the rise of online learning platforms, culinary experts can share their skills with a global audience from the comfort of their home kitchens. This role involves designing engaging cooking courses, conducting live classes, and interacting with students virtually. It’s ideal for chefs who love teaching and want to inspire food enthusiasts worldwide.

2. Food Industry Content Creator – For those with a knack for storytelling and a passion for food, becoming a content creator focused on the food industry can be a fulfilling remote role. This job encompasses blogging, creating videos, or even podcasting about food trends, recipes, restaurant reviews, and culinary techniques. It’s suited for foodies who enjoy researching, writing, and sharing their food adventures with an online community.

3. Remote Food Service Consultant – Experienced professionals in the food service industry can leverage their expertise remotely by offering consultancy services. This role involves advising restaurants, cafes, and food startups on menu development, food safety protocols, business strategies, and customer service improvements. It’s a fantastic option for those with a strong food service management background looking to impact multiple businesses positively.

Laurie Hyllberg, Vice President, Kinsa Group

Become a Food Safety Auditor

1. Remote Food Safety Auditor

A Remote Food Safety Auditor is responsible for examining food processing facilities and restaurants to ensure they comply with safety standards, all from a remote location. Without any need to travel, you can impact food safety standards globally. I would recommend this role to people with a keen eye for detail, a strong understanding of food safety regulations, and a background in food science or a related field.

2. Online Food Marketing Specialist

An Online Food Marketing Specialist develops and implements marketing strategies to promote restaurants or culinary products online. No matter how great the restaurant is, it will go bankrupt without visitors. This is why this position is all the rage in 2024. Ideal candidates are those who possess strong digital marketing skills, creativity, and a deep understanding of the food industry.

3. Virtual Cooking Class Host

A Virtual Cooking Class Host teaches cooking skills to participants through online platforms. This role provides the host with the flexibility to showcase a variety of culinary traditions and techniques that might not be as feasible in a local, in-person setting. This profession is a perfect fit for charismatic people who have strong cooking backgrounds and want to share their skills from any place in the world.

Vadim Rachok, Culinary Instructor and Chef, Recipe From Chef

Craft Digital Food Narratives

As a marketer working with a company closely related to the food service industry, I’m thrilled to shed light on three fantastic remote job opportunities for individuals eager to dive into the dynamic world of food service. Obviously, as a remote marketer, I must share that these types of roles are available within the industry and can be quite fulfilling. Second up, we have Digital PR experts, who craft compelling narratives and establish impactful relationships with online influencers and media outlets. In this role, you’ll have the exhilarating task of shaping one brand’s story and generating buzz about their delectable offerings through engaging digital platforms. Imagine connecting with food enthusiasts worldwide, sparking conversations, and igniting a passion for our products—all from the comfort of your own home. Next on the menu is the role of graphic designers, the creative masterminds who come up with such visually stunning content. As a remote graphic designer, you’ll have the exciting opportunity to blend your artistic flair with our brand’s identity, designing captivating visuals that tantalize taste buds and leave a lasting impression. From crafting mouthwatering social media posts to designing eye-catching packaging, your work will play a pivotal role in captivating our audience and elevating the brand experience to new heights.

Anna Learie, Outreach Specialist, Caffewerks

Host Online Pasta-Making

Ever thought about teaching cooking from your kitchen? That’s a top job for remote food lovers. I recently saw an ad from an online class where a chef from Italy was offering to teach pasta-making. It’s cool because you can share what you love about food with people everywhere, and wear comfy clothes while doing it!

Or how about giving tips to restaurants from your couch? I once helped pick new dishes for my travel company’s menu with a consultant’s advice, all done over the internet. It’s perfect for those who love thinking about what makes food great and want to help others make their menus exciting while keeping them nutritional.

Lastly, starting a food blog or YouTube channel can also be a great choice. A friend began reviewing meal kits from home, and people loved her honest takes and photos. It’s a fun way to connect with food without needing to visit restaurants. It’s all about enjoying and sharing good eats from anywhere you like!

Swena Kalra, Chief Marketing Officer, Scott & Yanling Media Inc.

Snap Culinary Photography

As someone deeply entrenched in the food-service industry, I can tell you that there are some fantastic remote opportunities out there for those who love food. First off, there’s the role of a food photographer. With the rise of food blogs, social media, and online recipe platforms, there’s a huge demand for high-quality food photography. Whether you’re snapping pics of delectable dishes in your own kitchen studio or collaborating with restaurants remotely, this job allows you to showcase your culinary creativity from anywhere in the world.

Another great remote gig is recipe development. If you have a knack for flavor combinations and love experimenting in the kitchen, this could be your dream job. Many food companies, websites, and publications are constantly on the lookout for talented recipe developers who can create mouthwatering dishes that resonate with their audience. You can whip up new recipes, test them out in your own kitchen, and communicate with clients or employers entirely online.

Lastly, don’t overlook the opportunity to become a food writer or blogger. Whether you’re passionate about sharing restaurant reviews, exploring culinary trends, or diving deep into the cultural significance of food, there’s a niche for every palate in the vast landscape of food writing. With a laptop and an internet connection, you can craft engaging articles, share your food adventures, and connect with fellow foodies around the globe—all from the comfort of your own home.

Gabrielle Yap, Senior Editor, Carnivore Style

Engage as a Social Media Specialist

Social Media Specialist in the Food Industry

If you have a passion for dietary lifestyles like Paleo, Keto, or vegetarian, and love discovering new health trends and brands, then this remote job in social media could be ideal for you. Your role involves building relationships within the food industry, expanding an audience, and promoting clean and plant-based foods. Salaries typically range from $40,000 to $60,000, depending on your experience.

Research Chef or Chef Consultant

Chef consultants and research chefs are creative problem-solvers. They collaborate with food businesses to innovate new products, enhance efficiency, develop menus, train staff, and more. These roles offer chefs the opportunity to be creative and innovative. The work is often project-based, changing frequently—sometimes daily or weekly. This role provides the chance to work with a variety of people, enabling you to make new connections and expand your professional network. Research chefs usually spend a significant amount of time working on computers, allowing for remote work. Even for those who need to be on-site occasionally, these positions can often offer flexible work arrangements.

Recipe Developer

Recipe developers for large companies may work more in labs than kitchens. However, those working for smaller operations, such as restaurants or artisan food manufacturers, help their clients create unique new dishes and record the recipes. This work can typically be done from a home kitchen. Recipe developers spend a lot of time researching and reading about historical methods and cultural influences. Then, they begin crafting their recipe, repeatedly testing and refining it until it’s perfect. As long as you don’t need specialized commercial equipment, this role can be effectively performed from home.

Amy Tribe, Director, OGLF (Our Good Living Formula)

Create Digital Food Content

In the evolving landscape of food service, remote work opportunities abound. First, digital content creators who specialize in food can generate engaging online content, influencing dining trends and preferences. Second, remote sales roles for food suppliers allow for the management of client relationships and sales strategies from anywhere. Lastly, food industry analysts can work remotely, providing valuable market insights and strategy recommendations. These roles offer flexibility while allowing individuals to remain deeply connected to the food service industry.

Mark Simons, Founder, The Beer Exchange

Guide Online Culinary Classes

Teach cooking classes online, guiding participants through various recipes and culinary techniques. Platforms like Zoom or virtual culinary schools provide opportunities to share your culinary expertise remotely.

Work with food brands, websites, or publications to create and refine recipes from the comfort of your home. Collaborate virtually with teams to develop innovative and appealing recipes that align with specific culinary themes or dietary trends.

Build a food-focused blog or YouTube channel, sharing recipes, cooking tips, and culinary experiences. Monetize your platform through partnerships, sponsorships, or ad revenue, turning your passion for food into a remote business.

These remote food service jobs provide opportunities for culinary enthusiasts to pursue their passion while enjoying the benefits of remote work.

Jesse Hopkins, Digital Marketing Director, Marketing Mouse

Design Menus Remotely

Some great remote opportunities in the food-service industry include roles like menu planner, food stylist, and culinary instructor. 

As a remote menu planner, you are responsible for designing menus and planning food offerings for restaurants or catering services. You must understand the ingredients and account for special dietary restrictions, and implement cost-effective measures to produce quality products within the budget provided. 

Another job to look at is food stylist. Food stylists are responsible for creating visually appealing food presentations for photography, videos, or social media. Remote food stylists can either collaborate with a photographer or be the photographer themselves.

And a third role to consider is online culinary instructor. There are cooking schools or other companies that are looking for culinary instructors to teach cooking classes online. In this role, you will conduct virtual cooking classes and provide culinary education to their audience.

Christine Tran, Marketing Coordinator, Achievable

Develop Recipes from Home

Menu planners, bloggers, and sales representatives work in various capacities within the food industry. Remote menu planners create menus and develop new recipes for restaurants, catering companies, food blogs, and publications. Their responsibilities include researching food trends, experimenting with ingredients, and drafting menus or recipes using online collaboration tools and communication platforms.

Online culinary instructors or food bloggers create content related to cooking techniques, recipes, and food culture for online platforms. They may develop and deliver virtual cooking classes, write blog posts, create instructional videos, or host live cooking demonstrations. With the widespread availability of online platforms and social media, culinary instructors and food bloggers can work remotely, reaching a global audience with their content.

Remote food sales representatives promote and sell food products to restaurants, hotels, and grocery stores. While some aspects of the job may require in-person meetings and product demonstrations, much of the sales process, including lead generation, prospecting, and follow-up communication, can be conducted remotely using phone calls, emails, and virtual meetings.

Remote food sales representatives often travel occasionally for client visits and industry events but primarily work from a home office.

Aqsa Tabassam, Co-founder & Chief Marketing Officer, EvolveDash Inc.

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