Leveraging Emotional Intelligence for Executive Career Success: Connecting with Others on a Deeper Level

In the workplace, emotional intelligence, or EQ, is valued more than IQ. 75% of responders to a classic CareerBuilder survey of hiring managers said they cared more about employees’ EQ than their IQ. 

“Technical competency and intelligence are important assets …

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Transforming Toxic Workplaces: Strategies to Reclaim Company Vitality and Trust

It may come into effect when your focus moves elsewhere, or you could have gained it when you assumed a new position.

But once you see that your workplace is toxic, you can’t turn away.

Toxic workplaces drain the company …

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3 Times it’s Okay to Say No at Work

“No” is one of the most common first words for English-speaking babies, but as working adults, it can be one of the hardest things to say—especially at the office.

Saying no doesn’t have to be scary, especially when it’s warranted. …

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Managing Up | How to Provide Feedback to Your Manager

You have a new job, or a new manager, and something isn’t working. You and your boss aren’t seeing eye to eye and you’re getting frustrated—or worse, you’re starting to check out.

Or maybe you’re finding that you and your …

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How to Adjust to a New Boss

During your career, you’ll undoubtedly deal with a lot of changes. From changing jobs or getting a promotion, to a change of location or new management, it’s important to learn how to roll with the punches. When your boss leaves …

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How to Write Business Memos Like a Management Consultant

In the consulting industry, management consultants are expected to clearly and concisely synthesize raw data and offer actionable insights. Management consultants typically create PowerPoint presentation decks to organize analysis and present their recommendations to the client. However, sometimes management consultants …

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How to Give a PowerPoint Presentation Like a Management Consultant

In the consulting industry, management consultants are expected to clearly and concisely synthesize their clients’ market positions, competitive advantages, and financials, and then offer meaningful insights and actionable plans. Typically, presentations that include all this information are created using PowerPoint. …

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Does Your Appearance Affect Your Executive Presence?

Let’s say you’ve been excited about hearing one of the prominent leaders in your industry speak.

You know he’s an expert in his field, and you appreciate his charismatic, approachable style. 

But when you walk into the lecture hall, you …

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How to Create Flow at Work

Picture this scenario.

You’re in the final stages of writing a report for work.

You’ve researched your project for over six months and outlined what you plan to write in the final report for your boss and colleagues. 

Now, you’re …

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The Idealist Career Advice Guide to Starting a New Job

Between meeting colleagues, mastering skills, and tackling new responsibilities, the first three months at a new job can feel invigorating. But, of course, it may take some time to build up the confidence to accomplish everything you want to do …

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