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‘Golden Years’ Ahead for Casual-Dining Chains, Jefferies Analyst Says

Casual-dining chains, as they emerge from the pandemic, are poised for “golden years” of growth in market share, same-store sales and units now through 2024, a Jefferies equities analyst said in a note Monday. Andy Barish, a managing director at …

By Dave Wells
Dave Wells Career Coach Dave Wells
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Study Finds Event Marketers Continue to See Gaps in Event Tech

As the pandemic has worn on and digital events have evolved, event marketers have found they offer benefits — such as gathering enhanced analytics and achieving higher attendance — that were more difficult to attain at in-person events, according to a new 

By Dave Wells
Dave Wells Career Coach Dave Wells
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Major Markets Surge in 2021 but Remain Far from Recovery

After suffering the most severe declines in performance during 2020, hotels located in the largest U.S. markets will enjoy the greatest growth in occupancy and the least declines in average daily rate during 2021. In 2020, hotels located in the …

By Dave Wells
Dave Wells Career Coach Dave Wells
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12 High-Paying Jobs That’ll Let You Tap Into Your Creativity

When you’re a naturally creative individual, job searching can feel particularly challenging. It’s easy to feel like any job that isn’t obviously artistic will force you to either give up an important part of yourself or settle for a low …
By Carina Finn - The Muse
The Muse
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Why Most Agile Approaches are Clear, Simple, and Wrong

With so many different agile approaches out there, guidance is often conflicting, causing confusion and debates in the agile community. If agile is a recipe for a way of working, Disciplined Agile is training to be a chef. Mark Lines discusses how Disciplined Agile gives you the freedom and confidence to customize …

By Dave Wells
Dave Wells Career Coach Dave Wells
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What Does a Purpose Driven Company Look Like?

Traditionally, businesses are seen as entities that exist to provide a product or service. A growing number of consumers and entrepreneurs are embracing the idea that companies can be a lot more. Purpose-driven companies go beyond their role of offering …

By Dave Wells
Dave Wells Career Coach Dave Wells
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5 Resume Mistakes Holding You Back—and How to Fix Them

Is your resume optimized to best market your skills and qualifications? You have the right skills, experience, and background, but no matter how many times you submit your resume for a role that looks to be a good fit, you’re …

By Dario Herrera - Vault
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Top 5 Analytical Skills to Set You Apart in Your Data Analytics Job

Effectively marketing your most relevant skill sets will be critical to your successful job search. Read on for the specific skills recruiters are seeking when looking to hire data analysts!

Carefully honed problem-solving skills and an analytical approach to your …

By Sakshi Gupta - Springboard
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What is Corporate Finance?

Corporate finance deals with the capital structure of a corporation, including its funding and the actions that management takes to increase the value of the company. Corporate finance also includes the tools and analysis utilized to prioritize and distribute financial …

By Kim Figueroa
Kim Figueroa Career Coach Kim Figueroa
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Marketing Associations to Join

Joining a trade association allows you to tap into the collective knowledge of a group of professionals in your industry. It’s especially useful for students who are entering the workforce after graduation. The associations allow its members to attend workshops …
By Pam Mathison
Pam Mathison Career Coach Pam Mathison
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