Career Coaching for Sport Management

Emily Must

Internship Director: Great for Help with Sport Industry Exploration and Earning Credits for Your Internship

What is my role at UMASS? I teach and make connections! 

I joined the Sport Management faculty in the Fall of 2016 and became the Director of Internships for Sport Management in 2018. I teach a variety of courses: Introduction to Sport Management, Sport Leadership, Sport Law, Sport Finance & Business, Sport Policy, and Sport Analytics. I joined the Graduate School faculty in 2018 where I teach Marketing Strategy in the on-ground MBA and MSBA Programs and in the online MBA program. Lastly, I teach Personal Finance online in the summers – this is a passion project of mine and I thoroughly enjoy equipping people with these skills.

As the Director if Internships  I help facilitate industry relationships to help place our students and stay up to date with the latest skills needed. I manage our relationship with TeamWork Online and train our Sport Career Peers to help you navigate the many resources available to you as a McCormack student.  I work actively with our Chase Career Coach, Pam Mathison, to ensure your applications stand out. Lastly, I advise students actively pursuing credit for their internship to ensure they make the most of the opportunity and reflect on the real life lessons learned.

I also co-advise the McCormack Sport Leaders Forum and I am the advisor to the McCormack Student Leaders Club and Women in Sport Management Club. I am on the faculty board for Delta Sigma Pi and the Isenberg Suite Shop. I regularly collaborate with the Amherst Chamber of commerce for local consulting projects and chaired countless Independent Studies, Practicums, and Honors projects and theses.

As you can tell I am a curious and active person and it’s why I ultimately pursued a career in higher education, I get to be a life-long learner while supporting so many interesting people (you!) find their passion and prepare for it.

Fun Facts

Where am I from: I grew up in upstate NY (Orange Co.) and lived in Dayton OH, Miami FL, Fundacion, Dominican Republic, Bridgetown Barbados, Northern, CO and now here in Granby, MA.

Fan Identity: super casual fan – I watch for fun and excitement. I am also a fan of all the oddball sports – ESPN’s OCHO is my favorite day of the year. I like the engagement that actually playing a sport with friends brings so I’m a fan of a good kickball or whiffle ball game, a trip to the bowling alley, or some pickup basketball. I have five siblings and our family holiday tradition is ‘Mustivus’ which is a compilation of random games we play to earn points; the winner’s name is engraved on a plaque at my parents’ house and there is a trophy (an engraved glass chalice) that travels with winner for the year. It’s my favorite ‘sporting’ event to organize and we ensure its official by making a custom t-shirt, scoreboard and written event recap every year.

Sports I watch most: I tend to watch basketball and soccer the most but I LOVE the Olympics. I also love a great baseball game and going to the Little League World Series a few years ago was one of my favorite sport experiences.

Favorite Team: I don’t have a favorite team – I have always just rooted for the home team whenever I have lived to join in the fun and meet new people. So now I get to cheer for so many teams because I have a fond memory of all of them in the places I have lived.

Free Time: quarantine has brought a new appreciation of my ping/pong and pool table so I have been sharpening my game there. I also like to cook, hike, garden, play random sports and watch game shows.

Specialties and Interests

Law for Sport, Recreation, Exercise, Health, and Coaching Manager | Finance for Sport Managers | Analytics | Sport Administration: Management and Leadership | Economics in Sport and Community