Isenberg Student Organizations

Welcome to Isenberg’s Student Organizations page! Listed below is only a sampling of the clubs/organizations currently active at Isenberg – our goal is to continue adding to this page until all organizations are represented. If you are a student leader who would like your club added to this page, please click here and complete our intake form!

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Advancement of Diversity in Business

Isenberg Student Organizations
Advancement of Diversity in Business aims to provide students from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds with step-by-step guidelines and knowledge on …

Association of Diversity in Sport

Isenberg Student Organizations

An organization that embraces students of diverse backgrounds seeking to further their professional and personal development within a sport-oriented environment. …

Beta Alpha Psi

Isenberg Student Organizations

Welcome to the Delta Nu Chapter of Beta Alpha Psi (BAP) at the Isenberg School of Management!

The Isenberg School …

Graduate Consulting Club

Isenberg Student Organizations

The University of Massachusetts Graduate Consulting Club provides graduate students with connections, resources, and hands-on experience to develop their skills, …

Isenberg Real Estate Advisors

Isenberg Student Organizations
About Isenberg Real Estate Advisors

Isenberg Real Estate Advisors (IREA) is an exclusive student-run focused on value-add advisory, career development, and …

Isenberg Undergraduate Consulting Group

Isenberg Student Organizations
The Isenberg Undergraduate Consulting Group (IUCG) provides a venue for students to gain the academic and practical knowledge to pursue …

Jewish Leaders in Business and Entrepreneurship

Isenberg Student Organizations

McCormack Sport Management Alumni Database Instructions

Isenberg Student Organizations

Follow Instructions HERE to create your account and use the Alumni Database.

McCormack Sport Management Faculty

Isenberg Student Organizations


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