Protect Our Breasts

Isenberg Undergraduate Student Organizations

The Protect Our Breasts communications initiative is an interdisciplinary project of marketing and biology at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and hosted by the Isenberg School of Management. A team of students from across the academic specialties from finance to public health work together to research and share the scientific discoveries and safer alternatives to everyday toxins. While the science presents a web of causality for breast cancer, we are dedicated to snipping away at these potential causes. We adhere to the Precautionary Principle while we still “lack irrefutable proof of harm.” Protect Our Breasts approaches the communication about safer alternatives or solutions to chemical safety in two ways. Our first approach is information sharing. We “share the conversation” meaning what science-based breast cancer organizations, science sources and others who are highly-respected for their work in this field, are discovering about these chemicals of concern and the solutions for avoiding them. In addition to communicating to our online community, Protect Our Breasts participates in and hosts a variety of events held on the different campuses throughout the academic year. At these events, chapter members have the opportunity to share both information and “a safer alternative product”. The reasoning behind sharing these products is to support companies who are making change in the marketplace while providing a solution to students who often feel burden by the idea that “everything causes cancer.”