150 Credit Recruiting Planning Timeline for Public Accounting Opportunities (Summer Version)

This timeline was designed to help accounting majors seeking opportunities in public accounting with planning their recruiting timeline. It is best for students to work with an academic advisor to determine their completion of 150 credits and make an appointment with Kim Figueroa in the Chase Career Center to talk about this plan.

Starting with the first arrow, put the date of the season (Ex: Summer 2021) on the line and then future dates moving forward. Based on your estimated 150 completion date, you can insert an externship and internship into your timeline.

Keep in mind:

Externships occur typically 3 years prior to 150 completion with public accounting firms that require 150 credit at start date. Recruiting is held in a Spring semester and Externships are held during following summer. Externships short term, unpaid and are “pre-internship” experiences.

Internships occur typically 2 years from the beginning of a full time start date with public accounting firms that require 150 at start date. Recruiting Occurs in the Fall semester.