Networking Resources

The Isenberg Guide to Networking & LinkedIn

What is Networking?

Networking is about building and sustaining mutually beneficial relationships, and connecting with people who are willing and …

8 Ways to Prepare for Career Fair Success
How To Identify Potential International (F1) Alumni in LinkedIn and ConnectUmass
Networking/Job Search Excel Template

Use this MS Excel database template to organize your company research and networking progress.

Great Career Conversations the TIARA Way

Developed by Steve Dalton, the author of The Two Hour job Search, this method will help you structure your thoughts …

Professional Networking Guide (Jim Chappuis, FIN 2018)

Finance alum, Jim Chappuis, spent the first semester of his junior year advancing his networking savvy in the banking industry. …

Elevator Pitch for MBAs
Making LinkedIn Work for You (MBA)

Graduate Program’s Career Workshop Series: (2021)

Making LinkedIn Work for You: Slides & Recording By Trista Hevey (Resource: LinkedIn checklist)

Eight Tips for Requesting an Informational Meeting