Interview Prep


Big Interview Quick Start Guide
UMass Amherst Libraries Business Research Guide

Gain access to a wide variety of  business cases, news and trade journals, academic articles and business resources. Contact Business …

Hirevue Interview Youtube Tutorials + Finance Career Resources

Seeking to know how to optimize Hire Vue interviews? Check out the YouTube links in this resource that also includes …

PP Deck: It’s Yours to Have: Interview SKills That Get Offers (MSA)

PowerPoint slides for topic on Interview Skills for MSA candidates.

It’s Yours to Have: Interview Skills That Get Job Offers (MSA) ZOOM Recording

This is the recored Zoom presentation for MSA students focused on interview skills.

The Behavioral Interview

Learn how to construct detailed, compelling, and persuasive responses to behavioral questions that recruiters use in interviews to determine a …

Preparing for an Interview

Learn how to prepare for an interview using the Umass Library databases and other Isenberg resources.

MSBA Interview Guide