Writing & Speaking Tips


The Cover Letter

Examine 4 key areas of cover letters: the content, argument, writing style, and format.

Eating Your PEAS: A Guide to Structuring Paragraphs

Learn guidelines for how to structure paragraphs in a research or professional, persuasive settings with PEAS: Point, Evidence, Analyze, and …

Your Cover Letter’s Story (MBA)

Your cover letter is a story about you, your brand, and how you add value. Learn how to write a …

Documenting Sources in Academic and Business Communications

Learn  the in’s and out’s of source documentation and attribution: Why we cite sources, what sources need to be cited, …

The Logical Argument

Learn tips for constructing effective reasoning.

How to Write Professional Emails

Learn essential email skills to get your purpose across clearly, efficiently, and respectfully.

Critical Listening Skills for Professionals

Guidance for strong listening skills that can help you be more effective, increase your ability to influence and negotiate, and …

Developing Your Professional Voice

Gain tips for how you can develop your writing style with distinctive qualities such as authority, maturity, readability, inclusivity, and …

Speaking with Impact

Examine a wide range of factors from voice quality to nonverbal communication to develop your professional presence as a speaker.