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How to Beat the ATS

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are used by recruiters and employers to track a candidate‚Äôs job application throughout the recruiting and …

4 Steps to International Student Job and Internship Search Success
Big Interview

The Big Interview platform gives students the skills and preparation they need for successful interviews, including effective responses to challenging …


Interstride partners with trusted service providers to support international students and those looking to work globally. Whether students are looking …

Big Interview Quick Start Guide
How to Search For Opportunities That Are CPT/OPT Eligible in Interstride and UMass Handshake
How To Identify Potential International (F1) Alumni in LinkedIn and ConnectUmass
Interstride Quick-Start Guide For International Students

Use this quick-start guide to become familiar with the job and internship features of Interstride!

AI & ChatGPT for Career Development

If used ethically and efficiently, ChatGPT and AI can be effective tools for career exploration and internship & job search …