The Cover Letter

Examine 4 key areas of cover letters: the content, argument, writing style, and format.

Plain Style Writing for Professionals Writing with Precision

Examine strategies to help you write with precision, save time as a writer in industry, and respect your reader’s time.

Designing Your Life

Examine the theory of Design Thinking and how it applies to career development to build an enjoyable, meaningful, and fulfilling …

The Elevator Pitch

Examine the persuasive content, structure, and the important role an elevator pitch can play in your professional networking and interviewing …

The Informational Interview

Learn tips for one of the most valuable networking and job-searching activities you can engage in and a powerful way …

Virtual Professionalism

Learn to convey 5 key elements of virtual professionalism – image, communication, behavior, technology and time – so you can …

Preparing for an Interview

Learn how to prepare for an interview using the UMass Library databases and other Isenberg resources.

Negotiating Your Compensation

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