Brooke Baldwin: How Female Leaders are Ending the Tyranny of the Résumé

By: Brooke Baldwin Across various industries, women CEOs and bosses are hacking the traditional hiring process. For these trailblazers, the reign of the résumé is over. “When I hire someone, I don’t care about their résumé,” chef Dominique Crenn, who is the only woman in America with a third Michelin star, told me. “I want to know who they are and what they think about themselves, humanity, and the planet.” With less than 7% of prominent U.S. restaurants being female-owned, Crenn, who runs San Francisco’s Atelier Crenn, has made it her mission to infuse the food world with more women. The self-proclaimed “rebel chef” does this by using her fame to amplify lesser-known female chefs, but also by levering her power to hire unconventionally. For many women trying to land a job, change careers, or snag a promotion, the résumé can be a barrier. These candidates often bring skills, raw talent, and motivation to the table, even if they haven’t logged the exact number of years of experience required to land an interview. The tyranny of the résumé has often meant that boardrooms and office demographics are echo chambers. Read the full article in Fortune here.

By Kim Figueroa
Kim Figueroa Career Coach Kim Figueroa