Student Campus Recruiting Policies

Just as our employer partners are required to adhere to specific standards of behavior during the on-campus recruiting process, so are all Isenberg students.

Late Interview Cancellations

A student attempting to cancel an on-campus interview within two business days of the interview date must do the following:

  • Notify Melissa Salva, Director of Undergraduate Career Services, as soon as possible.
  • Email the employer, with a copy to Melissa Salva, addressing why you had to cancel the interview.

Repeated late interview cancellations may result in suspension of the student’s access to Handshake.

Interview No Shows

Failure to honor an interview appointment is considered a serious breach of courtesy and ethics, and can negatively impact Isenberg’s reputation among corporate recruiters.

Students who fail to attend a scheduled interview must:

  • Within 24 hours of the interview, send an email of apology (including an explanation of why they missed the interview) to the recruiter with a copy to Melissa Salva, Director of Undergraduate Career Services.

A determination will be made by the Office of Career Success as to whether the student will continue to participate in the on-campus recruiting program. Invalid explanations and/or repeat behavior will result in immediate suspension from Handshake and the on-campus recruiting program.