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Finance graduates pursue career paths in a wide variety of areas, from corporate accounting and investment banking to real estate and insurance; this page is designed to provide you access to the career trends, industry insights, and guidance you need to pursue your desired path. If there are additional finance-related insights you’d like to see on this page, just email Kim Figueroa to explore adding them. To set up a coaching appointment, click the red “Meet Kim” link in the Career Coach box on the bottom right side of this page.

Student Spotlight: Betame DeBono, Finance & Economics Double Major, ’23


A: Outside of class, I serve as a senior analyst in the Minutemen Fixed Income Fund, which is a
student-run investment fund that invests in High-Yield grade …

By Cecelia Jenkins
Cecelia Jenkins Cecelia Jenkins
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Monkey to Millions: A Youtube Program For Non-Target Students Seeking Careers In Investment Banking

Are you curious about careers in investment banking and wonder what it takes to land an internsihp or full time role in a Wall Street firm?

Wall Stree Oasis is a primary resource for any student seeking to learn more …

By Kim Figueroa
Kim Figueroa Career Coach Kim Figueroa
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How Should Hedge Funds Evolve and Adapt to Revive Their Magic?

With a slew of features like a discount for early investors or for those who lock up their capital, a minimum return level, or the 1-or-30 model, investors look for more defensive strategies with predictable return profiles. IBCA discusses the …

By Kim Figueroa
Kim Figueroa Career Coach Kim Figueroa
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How to Answer “Why Did You Choose Your Major?” in a Job Interview (Plus Example Answers)

If you’re a recent college graduate heading into a job interview, you might have prepared to answer questions about how what you did in college will translate to the world of work along with other common interview questions such as “

By Regina Borsellino - The Muse
The Muse
Expert advice to answer your career questions.
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How to Start Your Career as an Investment Banker

Investment banking is a division of financial institutions and banks that serves the banks, government sectors, and institutions for stocks, transactions, and mutual funds. In brief, it acts as a financial advisory to investors while investing in various entities.

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By Kim Figueroa
Kim Figueroa Career Coach Kim Figueroa
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Fall 2021 Public Accounting Recruiting Guide for Finance and OIM Majors



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