International Students

At the Office of Career Success, we understand that international students navigate many transitions in their experience coming to Isenberg. Here you will find a range of career opportunities and resources curated for international students looking to obtain employment in their home countries, globally, and with U.S.-based organizations. Our office can also help with empowering international students to advocate for themselves as they look for opportunities and achieve their goals. Log in to set up your preference to be notified when content for international students becomes available.

International Students

How to market your diversity in your job search

A diversity hire is a person with a minority or underrepresented background employed in an organization. Though a
diversity hire is employed to improve diversity and inclusion in the company, it does not mean that the person is
favored solely …

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Want to Stay in the US? Transition from OPT to H-1B

Be sure you’re prepared for when the end of your OPT is coming up, so you can be ready for the H-1B or green card process if you’re planning on staying in the US long term!

Read this article from …

By Mary [uConnect]
Mary [uConnect] Customer Success Manager
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3 Simple Networking Tips for International Students That Generate Results

On-campus recruiting at U.S. universities is typically slower this time of the year versus the fall. For international students in particular, opportunities to interview with firms that sponsor might be scarce between now and graduation. So what’s a student to …

By Firsthand
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International Internships | Make Your Dream a Reality

Do you dream about traveling to far off lands? Do you want to be immersed in another culture? And do you want to build up your resume and network while doing it? Then an international internship might be for you.

By Idealist Careers
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How the job search process differs for recent grads in different countries

The job search process can be challenging for anyone, but recent graduates face a unique set of circumstances. While the goal of finding a job is the same across the globe, the job search process and expectations can vary greatly …

By College Recruiter
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Interstride partners with trusted service providers to support international students and those looking to work globally. Whether students are looking …

Top Strategies for International Students Seeking Internships & Jobs in the US

International students are encouraged to review this resource for valuable tips and strategies for seeking internships and jobs in the …

ISEL Quadrant Worksheet for International Candidates

Marcello Barros, international recruitment expert and founder of  The International Advantage developed a useful tool to support International Candidates in …

CPT Guidelines for International Students

CPT provides work authorization for paid opportunities, including internships and co-op for International Students on F1 Visas.

If you are …

Interstride Quick-Start Guide For International Students

Use this quick-start guide to become familiar with the job and internship features of Interstride!

F-1 Student Employment, IPO

Information on the webpage as of 03/27/2021. Please visit URL directly for most up to date information.
F-1 Student Employment

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Find a club that is related to your industry, can help with your professional development, or simply connects you with other Isenberg students.