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Guides to Jobs in Your Industry

Take a look at these many guides by Vault to learn about industry trends, career paths, and more.

Vault Career Guide to Mutual Funds, Second Edition

Mutual funds raise money from shareholders and then invest in groups of assets such as stocks or bonds. They have …

Vault Career Guide to Investment Management, Third Edition

An increasing number of people are investing their money to help pay for their future plans, whether those include paying …

Vault Career Guide to Investment Banking, Second Edition

When businesses and governments need capital, they call on investment banks for help. Investment banks intermediate between issuers of securities …

Vault Career Guide to Insurance, Third Edition

Today almost anything can be insured—from businesses, cars and homes to a star musician’s fingers or a supermodel’s legs. Insurance …

Vault Career Guide to Hedge Funds, Fourth Edition

Landing a job at a hedge fund can be a challenge. With billions—even trillions—of dollars under management and seemingly limitless …

Vault Guide to Investment Management Jobs, Third Edition

The Vault Guides to Jobs series provides essential information about key careers and industries, with an emphasis on preparing for …

Gain Industry Skills and Experience

Check out the opportunities below for real-world experience through a company-sponsored micro-internship or take a LinkedIn course to learn valuable new skills.

Real-World Work Experience

Check out these 5-6 hour virtual work programs with Fortune 500 companies. These programs are free and can become part of your resume or even lead to a job interview!

Skilling Up with LinkedIn Learning

Look through this selection of courses from LinkedIn and learn new skills as well as brush up on in-demand business skills.

Algorithmic Trading and Stocks Essential Training

Michael McDonald
Many stock market trades are now conducted with algorithms: computer programs that buy or sell stocks according to mathematical formulas.…

Blockchain: Beyond the Basics (2017)

Jonathan Reichental
View Jonathan’s LinkedIn Newsletter Blockchain is an exciting new technology that is redefining how we store, update, and move data.…

Cryptocurrency Foundations

Jonathan Reichental
View Jonathan’s LinkedIn Newsletter The digital revolution has impacted almost every aspect of our lives, including the way money is…

Excel Modeling Tips and Tricks

Michael McDonald
Excel is the most widely used data analysis software on the market, but many people in business are not using…

Financial Modeling Foundations

Michael McDonald
By distilling key information regarding cash flow levels and risks, financial modeling helps decision-makers make informed choices based on data…

Data Analytics for Business Professionals

John Johnson
What can data analytics do for your business? Take a lesson from companies like Xerox and UPS. Data analytics can…

Financial Modeling and Forecasting Financial Statements

Earl Stice
Financial reports are not just summaries of the past—they also include predictions for the future. In fact, most financial institutions…

Working with Recruiters to Get a Job

Jenny Foss
While most job seekers know that recruiters—or headhunters—exist, many don’t understand what recruiters do or how they can help make…

Creating and Giving Business Presentations

Tatiana Kolovou
What makes a compelling presentation? A presentation that is built on strong research, tailored to your audience’s interests, and designed…

Developing Cross-Cultural Intelligence

Tatiana Kolovou
Being able to work across cultures is an increasingly necessary skill for all employees. Communications expert Tatiana Kolovou helps you…

PowerPoint: Designing Better Slides

Heather Ackmann
Designed for non-designers, this course introduces average business professionals to key design components and requirements for purposeful PowerPoint slide design.…

Inclusive Leadership

Dr. Shirley Davis
Join global workforce management expert Dr. Shirley Davis as she shares how to create and lead an organization that leverages…

Access Resources & News

Find Isenberg-approved resources below for your professional development and get the latest career news, tips, and advice.

Professional Development Resources

Take a look at these resources to help you learn about what’s needed to succeed in your industry.

Isenberg Professional Photo Booth

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Specialized Masters Workshops Spring 2023

Planned workshops for MSBA, MF, MSA students Spring 2023.

Top Strategies for International Students Seeking Internships & Jobs in the US

International students are encouraged to review this resource for valuable tips and strategies for seeking internships and jobs in the …

MF Career & Industry Research Resources + Basic Financial Modeling Resources

Start your research here! You’ll find links to loads of indsutry specific resources and a list of selected alumns annoted …

Occupational Outlook Handbook (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Career News & Advice

Read up on hiring trends, job search tactics, and tips from experts.

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Get involved by joining one of the organizations below, including Isenberg student clubs and professional organization connected to your industry and interests.

Professional Organizations

Learn about and maybe even join a professional organization in your industry. Professional organizations sponsor conferences, publish articles and magazines, and sometimes
offer networking events relevant to your industry and special interests.