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The Isenberg Guide to Networking & LinkedIn

What is Networking?

Networking is about building and sustaining mutually beneficial relationships, and connecting with people who are willing and …

8 Ways to Prepare for Career Fair Success
How To Identify Potential International (F1) Alumni in LinkedIn and ConnectUmass
Networking/Job Search Excel Template

Use this MS Excel database template to organize your company research and networking progress.

Great Career Conversations the TIARA Way

Developed by Steve Dalton, the author of The Two Hour job Search, this method will help you structure your thoughts …

Professional Networking Guide (Jim Chappuis, FIN 2018)

Finance alum, Jim Chappuis, spent the first semester of his junior year advancing his networking savvy in the banking industry. …

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Real-World Work Experience

Check out these 5-6 hour virtual work programs with Fortune 500 companies. These programs are free and can become part of your resume or even lead to a job interview!

Tips with LinkedIn Learning

Marketing on LinkedIn

Taught by Michaela Alexis
LinkedIn provides a massive opportunity for you to get your profile, organization, and work history in front of the people…

Pep Talk Before You Attend a Networking Event

Taught by Dana Robinson
For most people, networking doesn’t come naturally, but that doesn’t mean you need to stress about it. As you keep…

Working with Recruiters

Taught by Barbara Bruno
No matter how big your network is, a recruiter’s network is bigger. A recruiter can be a great resource to…

Accessing the Hidden Job Market

Taught by Careercake
If you’re just perusing job boards, then you’re only scratching the surface of open roles. A significant amount of positions…

21 Opportunities for Better Networking

Taught by Dana Robinson
Networking can benefit you regardless of your career path, boost your business, and enhance your life in significant ways. But…

Informational Interviewing

Taught by Barbara Bruno
If you are looking for a job, considering a new career, or trying to advance in your current career, you…

Pitching Yourself for Opportunity

Taught by Jodi Glickman
Every conversation presents an opportunity to make a great impression. In this course, Jodi Glickman, CEO and Founder of,…

LinkedIn Quick Tips (2019)

Taught by Oliver Schinkten
This collection of LinkedIn quick tip videos is designed to demonstrate helpful tricks, explain useful features, and provide quick answers…

How to Highlight Your Job Skills

Taught by Chris Taylor
There are many skills that people possess in order to do their jobs successfully and competently. You have skills you…

Becoming an Inspiring Mentor

Taught by Madecraft
Learning from a mentor is an invaluable professional experience. Your mentor guides you, shares perspective, and serves as an important…

Digital Networking Strategies

Taught by Chris Taylor
Cultivating a professional network online is a key component of career advancement and landing new job opportunities. In this course,…

Job Hunters’ Networking Masterclass

Taught by Careercake
Networking is all about building high-quality relationships with people who can impact your career. No matter what profession you are…

Building Professional Relationships

Taught by Skyler Logsdon
Turning contacts into quality relationships takes effort. It’s not enough to connect on LinkedIn or to follow a person’s journey…



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