UMass Transfer Student Resources

One of our goals at UMass Amherst is providing transfer students with the information and support necessary to make campus feel like home. We understand that the transfer student journey is significant and we are committed to your success. You’ll find in this page a number of opportunities that’ll help you get connected and informed during your transition to campus. If you have any questions along the way, please let us know!

New Students Orientation – Transfer Sessions

If you have not yet arrived on campus, please note that there are New Students Orientation sessions designed specifically for transfer students. If you are planning to arrive in the fall, you will sign up for a Summer Transfer Session. If you are planning to arrive in the spring, you will sign up for a Winter Transfer Session. Enrolling in either of these sessions will set you up to begin learning all you need to know about transitioning to campus.

Transfer RAP 

We are happy to announce that we are able to offer incoming Fall 2021 transfer students the opportunity for a RAP experience. As long as the health and safety regulations and housing capacities allow, we will run the Transfer RAP.

Students will have a choice of joining the Transfer RAP in McNamara Hall in Sylvan Residential Area OR John Adams Hall in Southwest Residential Area. Students in the Transfer RAPs will live together and enroll together in a designated section of the Transfer Success Seminar (see below for course description). This is a wonderful opportunity to get acclimated to the UMass community, learn about all the resources and opportunities and develop relationships with fellow transfer students.

Please note: John Adams Hall has single gender floors which means students in the Transfer RAP could be split between two floors, but will still share the same section of the Transfer Success Seminar.

Transfer Success Seminar

The Transfer Success Seminar is an optional one-credit course intended to help you become fully prepared to succeed at UMass. Students in the Transfer Success Seminar will be led by instructors with a detailed understanding of the transfer student experience. In the seminar, you will learn about which on-campus resources will be most helpful to you, how to best utilize these resources, and where you can look for other opportunities to connect.

National Transfer Student Week – October 18th-22rd, 2021

In collaboration with offices and departments across campus, we are planning a variety of engaging events and initiatives in honor of National Transfer Student Week. We hope you will join us in celebrating transfer students across campus – and nationally!

Transfer Student Newsletter

Want to be in the know about all things transfer student-related? As a transfer student, you’ll be automatically enrolled to receive the monthly campus Transfer Student Newsletter. This newsletter is filled with resources, events, and information relevant to transfer students. If you’re interested in submitting content or sharing your story, be in touch! You can also read through past editions of the newsletter below:




#40DaysofUMass is an initiative designed to help become familiar with and adjusted to campus. This initiative features daily themes and forty days of helpful information. Check out the website for information how to participate.

We’re here for you

Regardless of where you are on your journey, we appreciate the time you have put into becoming a member of the UMass Amherst community. We hope that the resources mentioned above are helpful to you. We wish you the best of luck in your success and hope that you will stay connected with us along the way.



By Dave Wells
Dave Wells Career Coach Dave Wells