Ensuring Best Results Using Filters In UMass Handshake

UMass Handshake is a fairly intuitive tool that uses AI that fills your feed with postings similar to your searches. You can include a number of filters including location, job type, part time/full time, paid, work study, industry, employer names, and work authorization in order to get very specific results.

The Chase Career center wants to make you aware that most interviews will be handeled virtually and that firms are NOT tagging their opportunities with the “Interviewing on Campus” tag. Choosing the “Interviewing On Campus” filter will eliminate most opportunites from firms that ARE actually seeking Isenberg students.

We know this might be confusing!

Chase recommends setting a search alerts with the “Interviewing On Campus” filter and withoutInterviewing On Campus” filter to be sure you recieve all the opportunities you are seeking.

By Kim Figueroa
Kim Figueroa Career Coach