STUDENT BLOG: How to Assess a Company’s Commitment to Diversity

67% of job seekers value a diverse workplace, according to a Glassdoor survey. McKinsey & Company did their own research and found that companies with ethnically diverse teams “outperform” other companies profit-wise. This proves to companies that incorporating diversity is beneficial. However, many companies state that they care about diversity but do not end up hiring diverse candidates. For example, there was a study done on Black and Asian applicants applying for entry-level jobs. Some of the names were “whitened,” and some were intentionally left alone. In short, “whitened” resumes produced more job call-backs for African Americans and Asians.

I am one of the 67%. When I was looking for internships, I did my due diligence to make sure that companies valued diversity. Here are the four things that I considered: online research, company’s employees, company’s values, and questions during interviews.

Online research involves looking at the company’s website. The very first thing to do is look at the “About” section to see if there are any statistics involving the hiring process. The next step is to look at the company photos on the web page to see if people of different backgrounds are included.

The company’s employees, particularly the leadership team, will give insight into whether or not diversity is valued at the company. The employees may be listed on the site or on Linkedin. You can also reach out to the employees on Linkedin, especially alumni of UMass, and ask how the company supports diverse employees, i.e., programs in place. Glassdoor is another site to look at where you can see reviews of the company from employees.

The company’s mission statement is another place to look. Their priorities may include diversity. Additionally, check to see if  there may be a chief diversity officer as they are typically in charge of implementing programs for diverse employees and increasing diversity.

Another great way to see if a company’s prioritizing diversity is by asking questions in your interview regarding how they promote diversity or if there is any DEI training for employees. Then you can assess for yourself whether or not the company is diverse.

Upon considering these four things, I guarantee that you will be able to assess whether or not the company values diversity. Diversity is essential in the workplace as it will lead to happier employees, higher productivity, higher creativity, and better problem-solving. It led to me being satisfied with my internship.

One resource to take advantage of on our new IConnect website is Footnotes, a personal narrative written by alumna Mariceli Mota about navigating her life at UMass as a first-generation college student. Mota currently works at EY as a forensic accountant. She includes her experience with the job search process and her journey of perseverance. It is a great read, and I highly recommend it. The career coaches at the Chase Career Center can also help you evaluate whether or not a company is diverse or not.

Bhani Sethi is a Chase Career Peer – click HERE to access her bio.

By Bhani Sethi
Bhani Sethi Chase Career Peer Bhani Sethi