Harris Williams Women’s Leadership Summit

We wanted to share this diversity opportunity from Isenberg and MFIF senior Margaret Norton for the Harris Williams Women’s Leadership Summit. We encourage all eligible to apply. See the attached message and flyer below:

Hi Investment Club,

I wanted to share details about Harris Williams annual Women’s Leadership Summit, taking place March 4, 2022. For context, the Harris Williams Women’s Leadership Summit is a one day, in-person event for sophomore women interested in learning more about finance and investment banking. The summit presents a unique opportunity for young women to engage with M&A professionals of all levels, prepare for the recruitment process, and build a foundation for a successful career in the investment banking industry.

A flyer is attached, and candidates can apply here. Applications are due February 7, 2022.

Please reach out to Margaret Norton (marenorton@umass.edu) with any questions on the leadership summit or Harris Williams in general.

By Richard Stuart
Richard Stuart Co-President