Insights into Your Industry: Hospitality and Tourism Management

Have you ever wondered what the job market is like for hospitality and tourism management grads in different parts of the country? What salary you can expect to earn?  How you can tell if you have the skills and qualifications you need to be successful?

This information is key to career planning. When you have insights into current industry trends, you’ll be able to plan which classes to take, which internships to pursue, and where to focus your job search.

You can find the answers to all these questions and more by using the “Insights Into Your Industry” database search tool!

Search by keyword to get started. Or if you’re not sure what to search for, filter down by pre-selected industry areas and see suggestions for job titles. We also have a video tutorial to help you get started.


This tool will show you key information like:

  1. Occupations Description- What does someone in this job do on a day to day basis?
  2. Employment Trends- What is the demand for this job and is it expected to go up or down?
  3. Top Employers- Which companies are hiring?
  4. Education Levels- Are people getting hired with a bachelor’s degree or should I look into a master’s degree?
  5. Annual Earnings- How much can I expect to make in a job like this?
  6. Technical Skills- What are the technical skills needed to be successful?
  7. Core Competencies- What are some of the transferable skills that are most important in this type of job?
  8. Job Titles- What are some common job titles I can look out for as I’m searching for jobs?

Plus, you can even narrow your search by state and county to see what the market is like in specific areas.

Start exploring today!

By Mary [uConnect]
Mary [uConnect] Customer Success Manager