ChatGPT & AI for Career Development

AI & ChatGPT for Career Development

If used ethically and efficiently, ChatGPT and AI can be effective tools for career exploration and internship & job search processes.

Tips for Success

1. AI can quickly gather useful industry data and career pathing information. While you may decide to deploy AI in your career development strategy, it is recommended that you consult with the Isenberg Office of Career Success for more comprehensive support.

2. If used for application materials, generative AI responses should be utilized only for ideas and examples. Skills and experiences must be accurately represented in your resume and cover letter. Using authentic voice and tone is critical.

ChatGPT and Cover Letters
Cover letters should be highly personalized narratives that convey your unique experience and qualifications. They’re also examples of your writing proficiency. For these reasons, we do not recommend using ChatGPT to produce a cover letter – or even a draft letter that you revise. Employers may penalize you if they know or suspect your letter is not your own work.

3. Detailed and precise prompts will generate better responses. Including a resume and job description will provide more information and context. Do not include any personal information in your prompts (name, email, phone number, etc.).

4. Describe the chatbot role and provide specific direction (i.e., “You are an expert recruiter in the “X” industry, or at “X” company). Use follow up questions to create a dialogue beyond a singular prompt. You can also use “Regenerate Response” to request additional output.

5. Companies will have different perspectives on the use of AI in your application process. Some may utilize tools to determine if content was AI generated. If possible, determine a company’s position before incorporating AI into your strategy.

Sample Prompts

Generative AI prompts guide AI output and determine the tone and quality of responses. Be specific and instructive when writing prompts.

Career Exploration

  • You are an experienced career coach. Ask me questions to understand my career interests, academic and work experiences, skill set, and what motivates me in the workplace. After you gather enough information, give me practical advice about what actions I should take in determining my career path.
  • What are some entry-level positions for a [“X” major or in the “X” field/industry]?
  • What is a typical career path for a [role/job title]?
  • Based on experiences in my resume, what are 5 career fields I may want to explore? {insert resume}

Industry Trends, Company Research & Market Analysis

  • What are the key trends, challenges, and opportunities for growth in the [“X” field/industry]?
  • What are the emerging technologies in the [“X” field/industry or within “X” company]?
  • What are the top five key performance indicators in the [“X” field/industry]?
  • Who are the main competitors of [business], and what are the areas where these competitors excel comparatively?


  • Add metrics and improve the following resume bullet point: {insert bullet}
  • You are an experienced career coach. Review the following resume and give me 5 specific changes to make based on the following job description: {insert resume} {insert job description}


  • Write a brief LinkedIn summary for a [major] student with the following skills and experiences: {insert skills and experiences}.
  • Generate a 30-second elevator pitch for networking based upon my interest in [company, field/industry, or role/job] and highlighting the following skills and experiences: {insert skills/experiences} Alternatively, request to refer to your resume {insert resume}
  • Recommend five questions for an informational interview with a [position] at [company].

Interview Preparation

  • You are an expert HR professional and recruiter in the [“X” industry]. Ask me ten interview questions, one at a time and increasing in level of difficulty, to determine if my skills and experience align with a [“X” position] based on the following job description: {insert job description}
  • After any or all responses, you can follow up with: How could I have improved my last answer?