Getting Started with TeamWork Online

TeamWork Online Profile Set Up Video Overview HERE

TeamWork Online Tutorial On How To Use The Platform HERE.

Steps to Set Up Your Profile:

  1. Go to
    1. If you haven’t already, sign up
      1. Go to upper right corner, press on your name, then go to “Personal”
      2. Click on “Edit Profile”
  2. Contact Information – Fill out all of your contact information
    1. “Headline”—One of most important aspects or your profile!!!
      1. Keep it short
      2. Use keywords ex. Increased engagement, leadership, athletic experience
    2. Add LinkedIn personalized link
      1. When you go to your LinkedIn profile, your page will have a specific URL. You want to make sure to only copy the letters and characters that comes after….Keep it short
      2. For example: . I would only paste “sydney-meyers-751b8b15b” in the blank for my LinkedIn profile.
  3. Experience – Add all work experience
    1. In the description, make sure to display successes in the job
  4. Education – List all education that you are enrolled in or have completed
    1. Under degree—List “Some College-No Degree”
    2. IMPORTANT- UMass Students qualify for “Teamwork U”—This will help put your profile higher on the lists in application pools and increase chance of being hired (See details on Teamwork U below)
      1. Under “School”, search “UMASS”, “University of Massachusetts Amherst” or “University of Massachusetts (Amherst)”
      2. Select the item that has the green graduation cap:
  5. Clubs and Organizations
    1. Make sure to include any club or organization that you have/had positions or leadership roles in and demonstrate your successes.
  6. Notifications
    1. Choose “Intern” career level
    2. Select the types of jobs that interest you
    3. Under “Employer Notifications” press “Select All” – This will mean that you will get notifications when any company opens up an internship position
  7. Preview
    1. Look at your profile to ensure that all information looks correct

TeamWork U Sign Up Video HERE

What are your TeamWork U benefits?

As a TeamWork U member, you receive:

  1. Weekly career coaching newsletter with tips and stories from sports executives, recent hires and TeamWork’s Founder and President, Buffy Filippell
  2. A deep discount on MVP Access – no $59.99 activation fee, you can upgrade for only $5/month
  3. 10% discount on TeamWork Online event tickets

Steps to activate TeamWork U:

  1. Go to
  2. If you have a TeamWork Online account, click Log In located in the top right corner, enter your username and password and then select Edit Profile. If you are new to TeamWork Online, click the green Sign Up button; it will then prompt you to begin filling out your profile.
  3. Make sure your Contact Information and Experience are filled out completely and correctly. Click Save and Continue at the bottom of each page to save your updated information.
    1. On the Education section, delete your current education and begin typing the name of your school. Locate “UMASS”, “University of Massachusetts Amherst” or “University of Massachusetts (Amherst)” with a green mortar board (graduation cap) and select it from the drop-down menu.
  4. Enter the City, State and Year started. Make sure to click “Currently Enrolled” as well.
  5. Click Save and Continue at the bottom to activate your TeamWork U benefits.
  6. To double check, you can click your name in the top right corner and select Personal. There should now be a green mortar board (graduation cap) by your name and photo.

Get MVP Access with TeamWork U Discount Here

What is MVP Access?

  1. Individuals enrolled in our MVP Access and TeamWork U programs are sent a weekly newsletter with tips from Buffy, recent stories from the sports industry, and spotlights on current executives throughout the industry. This program is great for anyone searching for a job in the Sports Industry as it increases your chances of getting hired by 300%!

Benefits of MVP Access

  1. Be placed on the top of an HR Manager or Hiring Managers inbox to the specific role you are applying for.
  2. It grants you access to see when your job application has been viewed by the hiring manager.
  3. It grants you access to view the number of other applicants for that specific role.
  4. You will receive the weekly newsletter with Industry tips and information from our founder, Buffy and from Executives around the industry as well.

How much does it cost?

  1. $5 month fee to receive MVP Access
  2. $59.99 activation fee
    1.  This is waived if student is registered with TeamWork U school (UMass is a TeamWork U school!).

If you have any questions at all, please contact your Sport Career peers!