Management Consulted

What is Management Consulted?

Management Consulted is the world’s leading resource for consulting and case interview prep! Isenberg has provided its students with access to MC’s entire library of resources – 600+ cases, 10K+ case drills, 12 industry primers, and 9 video courses. In these resources, you will learn the ins and outs of mental math, case and fit interviews, PowerPoint, Excel, and more – it’s soup-to-nuts, A-to-Z coverage of everything you need to know to prepare for upcoming interviews.

Why should I use the Management Consulted platform?

Preparing for case interviews is important because while they have traditionally been used in certain industries, most notably management consulting, they are growing in popularity in fields such as finance, strategy, and business development. Even if not explicitly labeled as “case interviews,” elements of case-style questioning may be incorporated into interviews across different domains, making preparation relevant and beneficial for a wide range of career paths.

What is the purpose of a case interview?

The purpose of a case interview is to assess a candidate’s problem-solving abilities, analytical skills, and logical thinking in a real-world business scenario. During a case interview, candidates are presented with a business problem or situation and are asked to analyze, discuss, and provide recommendations. Preparing for a case interview involves a combination of developing analytical skills, practicing with case interview examples, and refining your problem-solving approach, and the Management Consulted platform can be a critical tool in these efforts!

How do I use Management Consulted?

All current Isenberg students may begin using the platform by clicking on the Register Now button above. Click here for a helpful video demo.

What strategy should I use to prepare for an upcoming case interview?

That depends upon the amount of time before your interview. Management Consulted offers the following preparation strategies: depending on the amount of time before your case interview:

1-Week Preparation Plan

4-Week Preparation Plan

12-Week Preparation Plan

Who can I contact if I have questions?

Please schedule an appointment with an Isenberg Career Coach.