McCormack Sport Management Internship Credit Information

Internship Credit Information

Is the organization requiring credit to participate?

  • If no, add to your resume and enjoy!
  • If yes, or if you would like to earn credit continue reading below


  • Not eligible to receive intern credit – but take advantage of every experience!

Sophomore and Junior and Seniors with internships that are not Full-Time

  • Have you taken 6 credits of sport management classes (including intro to sport?)
    • If no, you are not eligible for intern credit through the sport management department
    • If yes, continue reading below
  • Does the internship run for at least 12 weeks?
    • If no, you are not eligible for intern credit
    • If yes, this qualifies as the 298 practicum
      • 298 Practicum – Next Steps
        • Please note Practicum and Internship credits cannot be awarded retroactively – meaning you must register and enroll in these credits at the same time the work is being completed.
        • Please note Practicum 298 credits DO NOT replace sport electives, they count toward overall credit requirement.
        • If you are a BBA student these credits can be counted as Breadth credits.
        • Each credit is worth 40 hours of work. You can take up to 12 credits of Practicum 298 over your 4 years, and from 1-9 credits per semester.
          • Example:  If you would like to take this as a 3 credit course, you’d need to work a minimum of 120 hours in total – (about 10 hours per week over 12 weeks of the semester– or any other combination)
          • If you are also a BBA student, you need to register this experience through Handshake (Name me as the faculty advisor, when asked about the academic assignment in Handshake, just write “I will complete 4 written assignments for my sponsor”). Handshake Instructions HERE.
        • For Fall or Spring Registration, Send an email to Professor Must ( either a semester before the internship or before the add/drop date of the semester of the internship. In this email, provide the following:
          • Job description
          • Hours per week
          • How many credits you want to earn (10-12 hours/week = 3 credits)
          • Spire ID #
          • Information on what semester you want to work and receive credit
        • Please note that you pay per credit in the summer. Last summer credits cost $195 each + a $47 registration fee. 3 credits = $632.38. More information about summer 2022 Registration will be forthcoming.

Junior or Senior with a FULL TIME Internship (32+ hours per week)

  • Your internship will qualify for the 498 practicum if,
    • You are looking to earn 12 credits
    • The internship runs for approx. 12 weeks @ 35 hours/week
      • 498 Practicum – Next Steps
        • Refer to and complete the application that can be found in the 498 handbook to be switched to the Internship Track. Click HERE.
          • Note: You will need approval from 2 McCormack faculty to participate on this track. Professor Must cannot be one of them.
          • When completed, attach the completed application in an email to Professor Must (
          • For more information, look at the 498 handbook that can be found HERE.
        • 498 Practicum – More Information
          • Note: Practicum 498 must be taken as the FULL 12 credits and it will replace two sport electives.
          • Therefore, you need to have a full-time role secured (30-35 hours per week for 12 weeks).