Internship Credit Information

Internship Credit Information

  • You do not need an internship to graduate.
  • You are not required to register for credits for your internship, unless the site requires this from you. You can enroll in as little as 1 credit.
  • You must get approval for credits PRIOR to the start date of the internship. The internship credits must be earned WHILE the work is being completed. We cannot award credits after the internship is over.

Is the organization requiring credit to participate?

  • If no, add to your resume and enjoy!
  • If yes, or if you would like to earn credit continue reading below


  • Not eligible to receive intern credit – but take advantage of every experience!

Sophomore and Junior and Seniors with internships that are not Full-Time

  • Have you taken 6 credits of sport management classes (including intro to sport?)
    • If no, you are not eligible for intern credit through the sport management department
    • If yes, continue reading below
  • Does the internship run for at least 10 weeks? Or offer at least 40 total hours of work?
    • If no, you are not eligible for intern credit
    • If yes, this qualifies as the 298 practicum
      • 298 Practicum – Next Steps
        • Please note Practicum and Internship credits cannot be awarded retroactively – meaning you must register and enroll in these credits at the same time the work is being completed.
        • Please note Practicum 298 credits DO NOT replace sport electives, they count toward overall credit requirement.
        • If you are a BBA student these credits can be counted as Breadth credits.
        • Each credit is worth 40 hours of work. You can take up to 12 credits of Practicum 298 over your 4 years, and from 1-9 credits per semester.
          • Example:  If you would like to take this as a 3 credit course, you’d need to work a minimum of 120 hours in total – (about 10 hours per week over 12 weeks of the semester– or any other combination)
          • If you are also a BBA student, you need to register this experience through Handshake (Name me as the faculty advisor, when asked about the academic assignment in Handshake, just write “I will complete 4 written assignments for my sponsor”). Handshake Instructions HERE.
          • Please note Handshake will not accept Fall 2022 Applications until After April25th.
        • For Fall or Spring Registration, Send an email to Professor Must ( either a semester before the internship or before the add/drop date of the semester of the internship. In this email, provide the following:
          • Job description
          • Hours per week
          • How many credits you want to earn (10-12 hours/week = 3 credits)
          • Spire ID #
          • Information on what semester you want to work and receive credit
        • For SUMMER 2022 Registration:
          • Please clear your cache and history and then click on the link below to register for SPORTMGT 298 or 498 in Summer 2022:
              • You’ll be asked to answer a series of simple questions:
                • Campus Student? YES
                • Academic Dept. or Career Dev.? Academic Dept.
                • First name, last name, UMass email, SPIRE ID
                • Term & Year = Summer 2022
                • Subject & Catalog # = SPORTMGT 298 or 498, accordingly
                • Class Number = 40593 for 298 or 40594 for 498
                • Number of Credits = 1.0-12.0 w/approval from Prof. Must
                • Faculty Sponsor = Emily Must
                • Faculty Sponsor Dept. = Sport Management
                • Faculty Sponsor UMass Email =
        • Please note that you pay per credit in the summer. Last summer credits cost $195 each + a $47 registration fee. 3 credits = $632.38.

Junior or Senior with a FULL TIME Internship (32+ hours per week)

  • Your internship will qualify for the 498 practicum if,
    • You are looking to earn 12 credits
    • The internship runs for approx. 12 weeks @ 35 hours/week
      • 498 Practicum – Next Steps
        • Refer to and complete the application that can be found in the 498 handbook to be switched to the Internship Track. Click HERE.
          • Note: You will need approval from 2 McCormack faculty to participate on this track. Professor Must cannot be one of them.
          • When completed, attach the completed application in an email to Professor Must (
          • For more information, look at the 498 handbook that can be found HERE.
        • 498 Practicum – More Information
          • Note: Practicum 498 must be taken as the FULL 12 credits and it will replace two sport electives.
          • Therefore, you need to have a full-time role secured (30-35 hours per week for 12 weeks).