Career Opportunities for First Generation Students

Coping with Impostor Syndrome to Build Career Confidence

If you’ve ever found yourself feeling unworthy of promotions, opportunities, or accolades; constantly worried about being discovered as a fraud who doesn’t belong; or chronically needing to prove yourself time and again in your role, despite a track record of positive past performance…then this course is for you. Emilie Aries helps you unpack what impostor syndrome is, how it holds us back, and how we can take active steps to overcome it. Emilie begins by answering the basics: what imposterism is, how it impacts your career, and what may trigger it. Next, she offers strategies for coping with it, including how to embrace strategic risk-taking, unapologetically celebrate your successes, question your inner self-doubt, and much more. Emilie finishes up by discussing how to accept fear as a normal, necessary part of learning, so that it won’t stop you from taking risks and trying new things.

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